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Well I tried changing 'em.

With them at 04, 06, and 20, I got nearly Identicle memory bandwidth scores. For some reason Sandra Memory Bench does not offer repeatable scores on this machine. I can test the memory bandwidth get one score, close sandra, open sandra, and test again and get another score. But best I can tell the Drive Strength settings don't alter anything that increases/decreases memory bandwidth. Which points me back at the clock strength thing. Maybe these setting could help push the memory higher with less voltage or something. How about it EPoX tech? Can you find more out for us? Or at least can you point me in the right direction?

Few other Quick ones. What's the deal with the Insert key recovery thingy. I can't get it to work. Every time I select options that are a no go, I have to clear the BIOS settings with the jumper and start from scratch. Also, when I try to flash the BIOS with the ALT+F2 thing, the AWARD FLASH UTILITY says "Source File Not Found" even though the source file is most definately on the floppy disk. The keyboard power-on doesn't always work, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. That's no biggie, just an inconvinience. Suggestions on these nit picks?
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