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Yep... it means 12th week of 2002. I don't really know what the Y means, but it's the first thing on the next line. Y's, 0's, and 9's tend to do the best in every stepping. Generally, letters do better than numbers. You can expect 1700mhz out of any AGOIA just by increasing the FSB. After that, you MAY have to increase the voltage to go further. At least half of these hit 1800mhz, a lot hit 1900, and some have hit 2GHZ!!!!!! (to go further than about 1850, you need exotic cooling such as water.)
Join the revolution! Eliminate floppy drives forever! Buy a $20 compact flash reader and a couple CF cards. These come in internal designs that you can put in a 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" bay, as well as external! Encourage motherboard manufacturers to include this with their boards. It's a cheap PCB, folks. It shouldn't add more than $5 to the cost.
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