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Originally posted by proze
-you have to hold insert while the machine is off or while you press reset, and keep it down until you hit your bios screen. that way's always worked for me.
Thanks Paul! Now if only the manual would have worded it in such a way. It pretty much says "press insert key to recover you old settings" with little explaination.

Originally posted by proze
-the kboard power-on thing only works if you've powered down the pc and it's had ac power to the psu the whole time. if the bios "loses control" over the board, for lack of a better explanantion, then it doesn't work anymore.
Hmm, thanks, but this doesn't appear to be my problem. Maybe the current PSU doesn't have enough 5v trickle or something. It will start everytime if I drop the FSB down to 133, but anything above 150 cause power on keyboard problems. Hopefully the Sparkle 350 I have en route will clear this up, and help me get to 170ish FSBs.
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