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Too me it is suprising that the board will even run with voltages like this. To do it at 156MHz FSB stable as a rock is just a ****ing miracle! Note the negative voltages, they are out of shape bad! That's what I get for hoping an non-AMD-approved PSU would run this thing like it's supposed to. Worst thing is that the 5v rail isn't constant, it bounces all over the place, anywere from 4.79-5.03 depending on the load and how bad the PSU wants to screw with me.

Got to get that Vcore hack done sometime soon, can't get the Morgan over 1.2GHz with what I've got now(even with my watercooling stuff). Got it to post at 1.5GHz with a little dry-ice and alcohol, but it wouldn't run, probably 'cause of the ****y voltages from the PSU.
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