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Oh yeah, and it won't let my boot if the chip is too high speed wise, this chip can hit 2.1Ghz, 2GHz at least very easily, and it craps out at 1.925Ghz, won't go any higher despite more and more voltage, way more than i tried on the epox(can go to 2.35V and 3.25V on Vdimm).

SO i'm not sure how well it clocks. WIll try overclocking at 133Mhz and see how that goes later too, wil try 133x15.

I'#m watercooled and heat is still a problem with this chip mainly as my chip doesn't make great contact.

ALso, the nuts on the nylon poles through the 4 AMD moutning holes won't fit at base of top side of mother board. CON's know if the socket has been made slightly bigger??(not possible right?) but the locking stick is plastic and is thicker than the metal pole on the Epox, and also copiule of bits in the way to stop safely using nuts to hole bolt in place, so i had to be extra careful attaching the waterblock and hole pole so it didn't spin. Just incase you do that same don't realise, unscrew the nut off the other side of mobo and have to take it all out again and try again.
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