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Thanks for the links, Superman53142!
The game isn't a Sim style game. It's a crude version of MS's Flight simulator. Where about 15% of the work that went into the recent versions of Flight Simulator went into Train Simulator.
Unfortunately, MS is dishonest with the wows! about the game found on the box. There is not 600 miles of track. Many of the routes end unexpectedly, long before they're supposed to. At least one of the routes is impossible to start because there is no place for the train to go!

The problem that really bugs me is that places along the routes that are selectable as starting points don't exist on the maps. Not to mention that stations that you pass through are NOT marked, and can't be ID'd. Therefore, knowing where you are along the route is impossible. Thanks Uncle Bill!

As I posted, the game needs patches. Badly! It looks like MS didn't expect the game to sell very well. Therefore, the "development team" probably consists of one person by now.

Add-on routes are available from a third party outfit named "Roundhouse." They're a nice change of pace, but one I started this AM began with the train nine feet deep in water!

If you're a train freak, the game is certainly worth ~$25. You are the engineer, and the simulation is believeable. AFAIK, every preceeding train sim type game has been L A M E. An older one is more realistic at presenting the difficulty of running a train(it's harder than you might think) but its graphic presentation is way below dismal.

As MS hasn't published any patches, it looks like they never will. As I said, the game is certainly worth ~$25. If MS was still working on the game, it would be worth a lot more.
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