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Originally posted by Uncle Bob
Yes, I seem to remember seeing something not long ago about the NVIDIA drivers causing that. I can't remember for the life of me where, damn oldtimers anyway! You may want to try different versions of the driver sets to see which one gives you the best performance.
Yes they normally throttle down so as to stop the video card from freezing the system when overclocked to high (eg 390core, 399mem-actual). It's better than having to reboot isn't it?

For some reason I've found the same phenomenon when running the 8K3A+ at 200fsb even without overclocking the actual card. When using the 40.41. Incidentally these prior mentioned drivers are the best especially when using GF4. Admittedly I'm running 4xs AGP and fast writes. These settings work on a KR7A at these levels and above (Buses more out of spec).

Also the weaker bios' 2719 etc allow full aggressive settings with 200fsb+ at least on my setup albeit with worse performance due to lower bandwidth........

It's kind of a catch 22 situation. Looks like I'll have to experiment more with register settings.
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