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Originally posted by stigweed
Well anyway. The ebay supplier has sent me a new 8kta3 so I;m sticking with this. He did great service (plug I tihnk I'll use the board and duron for a while. Then I'll sell them on ebay and sell this laptop which I've discovered I only use for email and also as a backup - even though my router does all of these things adequately. Then once I've scrounged that dosh in and called in a few debts I'll order the stuff at the mo ebuyer will cost me:
XP1600+, 8K3A, FDD, 2XRounded ATA133 and 1X rounded floppy all for £140 (free postage as its over £100) and also £27 or something for 128@pc2700 from not sure if I want to pay double to get 256mb. TOTAL COST: £170-ish
If you are going with windows XP, get 256mb. 128 is the bare minimum to run it.
Join the revolution! Eliminate floppy drives forever! Buy a $20 compact flash reader and a couple CF cards. These come in internal designs that you can put in a 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" bay, as well as external! Encourage motherboard manufacturers to include this with their boards. It's a cheap PCB, folks. It shouldn't add more than $5 to the cost.
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