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Question Cel 1700+P4S533…is it ok?

The time to “cook” a nice “low-end”* system for my girlfriend has come. So I am thinking of a Celeron 1700 (cheap enough), ASUS P4S533(great+cheap+easy to upgrate to P4s later since Cel 1700 is 478 socket and it has on board sound too), a 266 or 333DDR probably no-name stick of RAM,a WD 400BB hard disk and a simple pc case. Fortunately, I ve got all the other parts (cd rom, video card, keyboard, mouse, monitor and so forth) so it wont cost her an arm and a leg…

This pc will run only office apps like Word, Excel etc.

The question is, will P4S533 recognize the Celeron without flashing the bios with some new one? What sort of probs should I expect?

Gimme your opinions, mates!!!

*NOTE: low-end my A*S!!! I used to have a P3 1Ghz, ASUS CUCL2 and 512MB memory until 2 months ago and it was just GREAT!!!
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