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Originally posted by SteveI
What's going on with new drives!
I read a few stories a few years back about what was then the 'newest technology' regarding hard drives. There was a sort or see through looking crystal that contains NO moving parts at all. It looks like a big chunk of glass really. It was intersected by 3 independant multi headed lasers that have an near nothing access time. The cube neasures 3" x 3" square and held 10 terabytes of storage (did I spell that right?)

I've been looking for information on this routinely since then and have come up bone dry. I'm sure of its existance though because of the amount of information I was able to find about it back then. It's already common knowledge that there are glass platters that can hole several times the amount of data currently available on the metallic ones and are virtually silent using multi headed lasers to read them.

Hard drives are very slow to evolve simply because there is no real demand for the rapid advancement of them as we, the end user, know it. We only seen very small boosts in performance from what I guess to be the lack of push in the marketplace for high speed storage. Fixed storage is still quite expensive and I'm sure will remain this way for years to come. It's only in the somewhat far future that we will see any advancement or 'new technology' released to the consumer. We seem to be more concerned with portability and mobility than anything else at this point in time. If I can find anymore information on the storage I read about back then, I'll surely post it so we can all get in the know about it.
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