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a not so quick attempt at H2O cooling.

I finally got around to putting this stuff together and seeing if I can make it work.

I decided that until I get around to water cooling the PSU, that I might as well make one fan count for as much as possible. Hence the combined Radiator-Fan-PS unit (RFPSU for short!).

Yes, it's a Maxxxpert MONO radiator. too.

Just for grins, the other half of the system looks like this...

It's not tidy yet, cuz it's a work in progress. The CPU block is an InnovaCOOL 3, the GPU block is a InnovaGraph-O-Matic, and the northbridge cooler is a Zern AT design. The pump is a Sicce IDRA, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

The funny twisted ribbon cable is a Ultra 160 SCSI cable BTW. There's another hidden narrow SCSI cable elsewhere.

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