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My current thoughts are to:

Run a couple of copper pipes (plumbing) down the inside of the back of the PC. At strategic points, there'd be a T connector that would allow each waterblock to be connected seperately,and in parallel. However, this would require some way of controlling the flow of water into each circuit, and I've not seen anything small enough to look really good. It'd be even better if the valves could be automated!

The PSU is currently air cooled. As the air needs to be channeled, and heat removed, the PSU is in it's box, which is large (standard really!). Building two water blocks, one for the rectifiers and one for the switching transistors would allow me to reduce the high of the PSU significantly. In addition, I would be able to mount the PSU board and enclosure whereever. Another plus is that I can seperate the mains input from the PSU case, so that I can run a pump/fan controller, which allows the pump and fan to start first and stop last. This means a trip to the plumbing suppliers in order to pick up some 10mm copper tubing, and something to bend it with. I'll also need to pick up some replacement isolating washers, to keep things isolated. Yes, that stuff that looks like a thermal pad is actually to isolate the transistors/rectifiers rather than to help conduct heat!

The hard disks make too much noise. So, I'd like to put together some sideplates that are watercooled in order to remove the heat. Two 7200RPM and a 10,000RPM drive make a lot of noise! The existing case has a removable 3.5" drive holder, which makes it easier to remove the existing one and fabricate a new one that'll hang in the same space.

I also want to move the pump! However, I need some space for it, so the stuff above would have to happen first, esp the PSU mod.

And last, I need to build a controller for it all!

Any views, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. They don't necessarily represent those of my employer (BlackBerry).

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