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Originally posted by Holst
How do you get on with the waterblock, especially the mounting. Those inovatech blocks do look very nicely made.

Do you get much flow restriction through the northbridge cooler, im thinking about adding a watercooled northbridge although mine will be on a paralell loop to stop any flow restrictions.
I quite like the mounting actually. It's tri-hooked on both sides, and the bar at the top acts as a lever against the waterblock. Installing it is seriously easy, just have to remember that the levered hold down is capable of applying a pretty large amount of pressure. The blocks look pretty well made!

However, the interior of the GPU cooler is basically a flat copper plate. There doesn't appear to be any flow control or turbulators in there, so it's not as efficent as it could be. On the other hand, the GPU doesn't generate that much heat, and just about anything is better than the gainward heatsink that came with the card! (The stock heatsink was built by gluing Al vanes on top of the Al baseplate, and then putting a fan in the middle. Not really what I'd call a heatsink!)

None of the waterblocks are stock, as the Innovatek blocks are fitted with 8mm (I think) barbs with a compression fitting to hold the hose. I've replaced them with 10mm barbs without the compression fitting, mainly cuz I already had the barbs and 10mm silicon tubing.

In terms of flow restriction, the Maxxxpert mono radiator is probably the most restrictive part. The copper tubing is 8mm. On the other hand, should I ever add another radiator, then it's easy to run them in parallel!

One of the things I'm considering is a pressure relief valve across the pump. That way the pump can operate at full efficiency, but the flow is still controlled. This is really just a thought, and I suspect nothing will come of it. However, if I ever run things in parallel, then it will probably be included!
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