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Question Weird, 8KHA+, vid card related problem, HELP

Ok here's the deal.

My 8KHA+ board has been working fine for a couple of months with my GeForce 2 Pro in it. So, I decided to overclock the GF 2 Pro. After a couple of weeks my PC would boot up normally then all of a sudden lose video!! As in the screen goes blank. So I say to myself, maybe I overclocked the card too much and busted something.

So I decided to test the system with an old TNT 2 card. It worked fine and all. At this point I had to home to the province so my PC was left untoched/never powered up for 2 months. WHen I came back, I try to boot up, with the TNT 2 card in, I get 3 short burst beeps and can't boot into windows. I understand that those 3 short beeps mean a vid card error of some sort. I say to myself, But how can it happen to a perfectly working card??? So I reboot and reboot again and get the same 3 beeps until I finally got no beeps at all and a POST CODE of 25. Vid card related right.

So I was thinking maybe its just bad luck or it may be that the card is really old. Just bought a brand new GeForce 2 Ti (Saving up for a brand new RADEON 9700 or the upcoming Nvidia card) a few mins ago. Installed it..........everything is running fine for now.

In what I think is an unrelated incident: Everynow and then I leave my PC off for a long time and try to reboot, I get those 3 short beeps. This was when I had the GeForce 2 Pro installed.

I was thinking: Can a mobo destroy a vid card in any way??

EDIT: Any of you guys have any ideas on what the problem is???
AOA Team fah

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