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Ah, after doing a little searching...
Another user experienced the same problem with both the 7F and the Checksum error - he tracked it to a bad USB Keyboard.

By any chance, are you using one?

As for the o/c the vid card... I don't do that anymore, personally, after toasting an older TNT card that was working fine until I decided I needed the 'perception' that I was going faster.
I figure my XP2000 cpu at a FSB of 145 pretty much does what I need it to do.

If you have the $$, I'd suggest getting at least into the GF3 range. I run a GF3 Ti200, my son runs a GF4 Ti4200, and even though the 3DMarks difference is about 2500 points difference, I couldn't really tell while I was gaming. A 'little' faster, but not worth the $135 I'd have to spend to upgrade my GF3.

Let us know if the USB K/B is the issue, eh?

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