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That's becoming a good question.

If I were t/s this on mine, I'd probably check the following.

1: the obvious, are they plugged into the correct ports?

2: I'd clear the cmos with the mobo jumpers, and immediately go into the BIOS at boot, and choose Optimal Settings and reboot.

3: Then I'd go into the BIOS again, and very carefully check each screen. I wouldn't raise the fsb, and the mem timings would be moderate.
Under the Advanced screen, I'd make sure the Primary Initial display was AGP.
Under that I believe, (doing this from foggy memory now) is the USB Mouse and K/B boxes. I use a USB mouse but a PS/2 K/B, so I do NOT have a check in the Enable USB Keyboard support.

Another thing I would do is try to find a Microsoft brand mouse and K/B and try them. I used to use Logitech but found, oddly enough, that the MS branded stuff worked better with Windows, that there were always drivers, they worked in Safe Mode, etc... go figure.

If none of that worked, I'd take the board, k/b, and mouse into a local shop and have them test it.

THEN, I think I'd be seeing if I could RMA the board.... and good luck on that one. I don't think overclocking is supported if it kills a board, but that's between you and the supplier.

Maybe someone else has a good suggestion at this point, I'm fresh outta ideas.

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