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I have just been having this problem with my GF4ti4400 and Epox 8k3a+ cept I got a 26/27 error code then 7f, I took out the GF4 and put an old 4mb trident card in (blllaahh) and its fine, I was gonna RMA the GF4 but hopefully this can be sorted, Funny thing is though its worked fine for 4 months but I thought it could be a power issue as my 300w PSU has been straining for a while and putting out alot of warmth.
One revived 8K3A+ thx holst.

ABIT AN7 2500xp-m @ 2.8ghz (H20-220 WC) , 1GB Twinmos PC3200, Radeon 9800pro(XT flashed)

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