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Overclocking temps?+its effect on the CPU.

At what point does the CPU become unstable from high temperature? I have Athlon XP 1600+ AGOIA Y only doing 1.7GHz stable @ 1.80V, but my load temps rise to 65C At 1.85V I am almost at 70C. There is something really wrong with my watercooling? I could be getting better temps on air. Could my temps limit my CPU, coz I've seen almost every AGOIA Y hit 1.8GHz easily. What's wrong with mine? Any ideas?

My waterblock uses 1mm base plate and is a simple maze. Pump is rated at 212 gph paired up with a large heatercore with 2 120mm fans. My water has the room temp, which is about 21C. Only thing I can think of is that the base plate is to thin for the low gph pump like mine. Or maybe my waterblock design is somehow faulty.

Please help me guys.
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