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2400XP Results

Well, it wasn't looking good initially... not unlocked it was only doing ~2060mhz with my Thermalright SK-6 and a 80mm, 30cfm fan.

I did however get a SLK-800 the next day. I didn't think it would make much of a difference but, WOW! I unlocked it (last L3 bridge) and I'm running rock solid at 2300mhz (12.5x184). So, I got about 240mhz just by changing heatsinks.

I think I'm running @ 1.85v and 115 degees or so under 100% load.

It runs fine with even more voltage as well... so I'm sure I could probably get it close to 2400mhz if I could get it to use a 13 or 14 multipler as my HDD's start getting flaky over 185fsb and 12.5 is the highest multipler I can get aside from the 15 that it comes locked at. I'm thinking maybe I'll re-lock it and see how far I can get the fsb past 133 unless someone knows how to get it to run at 13 or 14 on a Epox 8k5h2a.
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