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Problem with latest sound driver on 8KHA+. Possibly on all VIA's onboard sound.

Hello all,

I have problems with the latest sound driver that I got from Epox site. I it did not install properly. The device manager wasn't affected by the installation and the sound device is still not loaded.

But when I went to VIA's site to download their version of the driver, it installed properly and the drivers were loaded on the device manager. However, no sound came out of the speakers, even if I adjusted all the possible volume settings on my PC...

I was wondering, what's wrong with these new sound drivers? Have you experienced same problems dealing with these drivers?
My rig: AthlonXP 2100+ TbredB(1.73Ghz AIUHB) | Epox EP-8RDA3+ Rev1.0 (3630 BIOS) | Globalwin CAK4-88T HSF | 2x512mb Kingston ValueRAM PC2700 DDR / TG chips| Inno3d GF4Ti4200 TV/DVI 128mb | Maxtor 40g 6L040J2 HDD | Toshiba SD-M1612 (regionfree X004) | Liteon LTR-32123s @ 40125s (XSU1) | Leadtek Winfast TV2000 TV/FM Tuner | Logitech MouseWheel Optical USB/PS2 | Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 17HX monitor | Web Excel 56000 external serial modem
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