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The CD-ROM that comes with the K7S5A is confusing. After letting the disk auto-notify, click on the "Browse CD" button.
Then open the "K7s5a" folder. Leave the "Setup" button alone!

Instead of near instant gratification, you'll find "Audio," "LAN" and "VGA" folders inside of the K7s5a folder. And Readme's inside of all three. Then do what they say.

For one thing, even though the board is advertised as having built-in Audio Codec '97 or '99, you don't install those drivers! The Readme tells you to install the SiS 635 driver. Love that false advertising! Eh, for $65 I can't beatch. Perhaps this has changed with the latest rev. of the mainboard.

Anyhoo, (in 98SE) under Start\Settings\Control Panel\System\System Properties, and the Device Manager Tab, then under the System Devices icon, I find three items specifically for the K7S5A:
SiS Accelerated Graphics Port
SiS CPU to PCI host bridge
SiS PCI to LPC bridge.

One of these items may not have been there before I installed the "IDE Update." This "agp106.exe" 6,022 kb file may have added the AGP item to the "stack." Sorry, I can't remember for certain. Worse, I dunno if I got this update from ECS or SiS.

All the drivers that you need for the board are on the CD-ROM. It's just a pain to read the Readme's, follow the Readme's and find all three of the drivers on the CD-ROM. They're all in the "SiS" folder. When you run across further Readme's in the SiS folder, read them.

One of the three drivers under System Devices I listed may wind up being a Win 98 driver, at least before you find the agp106.exe update. That doesn't seem to hurt anything.

If you have, yet don't want to use the built-in LAN, aka NIC card, I suggest NOT installing the driver for it. This NIC works fine under Win98SE, but Linux doesn't like it. This board won't tolerate Netgear FA-313 NIC's, either. If you install the SiS 900 driver for the built-in NIC, then decide to use a discreet NIC, the board will ceaselessly yammer about improper installation every boot-up, even though the built-in NIC is disabled in BIOS.

Hope this helps.
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