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Originally posted by Staz
I found a small X-former right next to the AC in on the motherboard, that was melted. All of the insulation was melted and dripping on the board below just like tiny icicles.
That's not a transformer. It's an inductor that's part of the suppression circuitry. That on it's own won't cause the monitor to die. In fact, if you took the inductor out, and put two wire links where the inductor was, the monitor would still work.

Obviously it's been asked to handle too much current, but I suspect that your problem is in the HT (High Tension) part of the monitor. I'd wonder if all the HT seals are still intact, as when you hear arcing, it's almost always due to the HT arcing over somewhere. There may be burn marks where it arced over.

Typical places to look are any location between the voltage tripler and the tube. There will probably be a thick wire leading from a largish lump on the board, up to the top of the tube. This takes the HT from the tripler (part of the large lump) up to the tube. Check around both ends, but be very careful. If the tube has not discharged, it may still hold many thousands of volts.

I'd recommend that you keep one hand in a back pocket whilst you're examining any of the HT side. I'd also recommend attaching a resistor across the HT, to ensure that it's bled away safely. If you don't feel confident, and don't understand all of the implications, don't proceed.

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