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Originally posted by Random Nonsense
The dividers arent done by hardware then? so its literally a case of an update to the bios?
No there is more to it than a BIOS update. If that was all there was to it, we would have been seeing hacked BIOSes for years now. Older chipsets(and all Intel chipsets) had the divider built in to the chipset from what I gather. But it is my understanding that the newer chipsets rely directly on the PLL for the PCI clock and divider logic.(If any smart folks want to correct me just jump in here, I'm just relating my understanding of things).

The PLL on the EPoX EP-8KHA+ offers both 1/5th and 1/6th PCI dividers. The boards BIOS officially supports up to 199MHz FSB, however the PLL will go to 233 so a hacked BIOS would probably unlock those(I doubt you could run those high FSB without supercooling the entire motherboard, and even then it's iffy). But from I gather that getting beyond the FSBs required for the 1/5th PCI divider would be some what difficult without whipping out your soldering iron to pump the VIO up.
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