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Arent those sub-wolfers supposed to be kept AWAY from monitors????? I just bought an antec 1030 server case: and a Directron Black Antec 1030 server case:
I have added the following:
Window- for each-
15inch Blue Lights (each)
Glow wire-
Blow hole on top (92mm sunon)
Blue Handels
Fan Bus

1 runs dual p3 1gig-
1 runs Amd 1.4 266/ Abit Kg7

EACH w/ GF3 Ultra- when it comes out
(temp dual geforce 2 mx 4000)

Each has 2x 30gig hardrives
16x dvd- 12x liteon burner-
56x Afree cdrom-
intel 100 pro network
Sb Audigy Platinum w/ live drive-

Will send pics as soon as get didgital camera!!!!!

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AOA Team fah
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