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I love my EP-8KHA+ Random, I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It's got the stability and plug-n-playablity that the novice needs, and most of the features an enthusiast craves. All it's really lacking in a way to up the VIO, but I'm working on this one, hope I can figure it out.

The EP-8KHA2 might have more overclocking features, we can hope anyway, and the ATA133 raid sounds sweet if your in the market for something like that(not my cup of tea, but many will appreciate it I'm sure).

And if you fell like waiting for KT333, I'm sure EPoX will have a fine board based on it as well, especially if it's northbridge is pin compatible with the KT266(a) part.

For some reason a lot of Mobo makers are staying far away from the VIA DDR SocketA chipsets, I can certainly state that it doesn't seem to be for stability reasons as initially rumored. I think it might be Intel putting pressure on some of these firms, but maybe not. Of course I have no way of confirming that speculation. So I'm pretty much talking out of my arse again.
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