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Triple Duals (Dual CPU, Dual Monitor & Dual Case)

Still working on this and apologies for the bad pics, its the best I can do.
Now, info on system.
Tyan 2466 Tiger
2 x 1.3 Durons
256 Corsair ECC Reg (Soon to add in 256 Infineon)
GeForce2 Ti/450
~ Soon to add in a Radeon 7000 PCI
Dual monitors!~! W00+
Hauppage TV Card
Hercules Sound
iWill ata 66 RAID Card
~ 2 x 20gigs RAID 0 ~ Storage/Server
10gig OS Drive
Raidmax 500 PSU
300w PSU ~ 2ndary
DVD Drive
Sony CDRW Drive

Colors will be gold internal and Black external.
The reasoning behind the color choice was due to several new components purchased have been gold in color.
PSU, fan grills.
So, kinda just decided to go with it.
Pic 1
Front Panel Shot, as it will be.

Pic 2
Close up, under the left side, there will be a fan underneath the XS Grill. Behind the fan, will be 3 hard drives.

Pic 3
Right side. ROMs side and PSU for fans etc.

Pic 4
First shot with how all will be placed before painting or modding.

Pic 5
Close up of the XS Grill
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