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HELP!!!!! I don't know anymore.

Here's a partial list:


There's supposed to be more, but those are the only ones I'm sure of at the moment. Two of them just went back on line the last two days. My brother just got back from his honeymoon and he has a bunch of machines but I think they've been offline. Other machines are off site and I have to get in touch with the various people who have their grubby little paws on them. I've also got things I have to build or fix. I have BP6 rig that's been sitting idle. I have a P3@800 that I need to look at. I also have a Duron that's waiting on a mobo. I'm mostly caught up at work now and I think I'll spend the weekend fixing up the loose parts. That will bring me at least 2 more machines and almost 2Gig.
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