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There's a huge debate a-brewin over this whole thing.

Basically, as of next year (some time in Feb, although its slightly different in each country) most of Europe will drop their national currencies and replace with the Euro (not officially called a euro dollar, but the sub-units are cents).

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (catchy) has elected to keep the pound for the moment. The government has said that if certain economic tests are met (inflation rates, exchange rates, growth rates etc. I think there are 6 tests in total, but they're all subjective) then they will hold a referendum to let "the people" choose (but not those people who are in jail, mental, living overseas etc).

There is a lot of public opposition to this at the moment because some politicians are setting this up as a big surrender to Europe and we'll lose all our sovereignty .. blah ..blah

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