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8K5A2+ RAID 0 Question(no Problems, just a question)

I am very familiar with RAID and the features of RAID 0, 1, 0+1. I also understand drive setup and cable placement. My question refers directly to the RAID controller built into this motherboard.

I know it is possible to create RAID 0 using 4 hard drives, but is it possible to create 2 RAID 0's using 2 hard drives for each RAID 0?


1st RAID 0 setup using 2 10GIG hard drives RAID IDE1
2nd RAID 0 setup using 2 13GIG hard drives RAID IDE2

that way I don't have 1 40GIG RAID 0, but 2 RAID 0's one at 20GIG and one at 26GIG?

can the controller hand 2 seperate RAID 0's?
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