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650 tbird temps and questions

ok i just put a 650 tbird in a epox ep-7kxa+

my slotA gorb i bought in another forums classified work be here for another i built my own im so clever. anyhow temps seem good so far.30c in bios i did get into windows and sandra said 37c.this is all at stock.

well i needed new install since new mobo.been a beast getting in in too.been at it 3 hours now.anyhow since my hs/f is homemade what is the danger temps for this chip? i never had a tbird and i dont think its like my tbred.

also any advise in ocing it? more than the usuall advise i should say.i do have options for fsb in bios.dont remember exactly but is like 107,120,133 mabey.pretty sure wont do 133 but ill try later.gfd is coming with my gorb,be a week for that.

also i did get windows installed partially and i kept getting wondoze pretection errors wouldnt even boot in.i was thinking heat issues but isnt as bios reported 30c.

just weird such a hard time doing an install.mabey its couse i hate doing em?
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