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Originally posted by ronin1967 For the best performance the CD-RW should be master, for even better performance the CD-RW should be master and alone, the CD-ROM should be slave on the hard drive, and never put the CD-RW on the same cable as the hard drive it is going to write from



    Thanks ronin, I had someone tell the that yesterday but.... that person has been known to be full of $*** before. I'll give it a try later. I can't make my CD/R slave to my HDD because I have 2 HDDs but I'll change the 2 CD's around. One more question. Do you know why Nero will not work if my CD/R is set up for auto detect? I was using a Acer CD/R with auto on but when I changed to a Lite On Nero wants to turn it off before I burn .
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