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well im going for more mhz is why i wanna unlock with gfd,up the multi a getten 30c in bios.its really hard to moniter it since my agp card is half gone.takenit back tomorow. mbm5 takes at least 256 colors to run.

yeh i was thinking the temps werent accurate.but doesnt get too overly how to the touch even oced.getten 113fsb outa .2v overvolt 735 mhz.i didnt even look at what the stock voltage was.thats bad i gotta get that usually more thorough tho.isnt a bad oc just on fsb.

was haveing a hard time with hdd corruption at 114fsb.dont know why unless the hdd is really on its last leg.getten replaced next week.gets my main rigs current hdd.main is getten 2X WD 7200 raid 0.

sorry no camera to show a pic.i think ill be getten one soon.i sell some stuff in another forum so i can really use one.anyhow its a aluminum hs i found on a 21" mitsibishi moniter 6x1x4.i drilled holes in it and screwed it onto the hs plate with as3.80mm case fan mounted on.does the job and is very quiet.

anything is quiet compared to my volcano7+ lol
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