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Originally posted by dimmreaper
OIC, thanks for the skinny on that!

Not that it's my call, or that anything I say really matters, but I think you "blokes" should stick with good old pounds. But that's probably my conservative republican side showing it's ugly face were it don't belong again. I think it's interesting that very few other American's of my generation share my political and social views.
I say screw the pound, go with the Euro. A united European monetary unit not only is closer to the eventual idea that Europe is in fact one country, but is much more convienient. A Frenchman (or woman) can now buy stuff in Germany without exchanging money. Personally, if the Europeans would agree to use one language (or know all of them) and become one country they could create a more stable place for themselves and the world.

BTW, I know that Europe is formed of many different cultures...but I honestly think that Europe will eventually move to one state.
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