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this was a question that was posted to the guy i bought it was brand new in static wrap when i got it.

"actually, there WERE slot A thunderbirds.. although you dont really hear much about them... they were extremely limited in availablility and were mostly only distributed to OEM's... they indeed to have full 256k L2 cache." this was posted by a member of my other forums classifieds.
is the link if u have acess privliges. it is infact a tbird tho as sandra reports it also.
A0650MPR24B A
is the processer codes for further info.
i know you arent disputing my words i just put this info above on as it may interest others also.

after a couple nights of folding its 100% stable ar 114fsb@1.95v
741 mhz as my profile now reads.
it gets really decent benchmarks also.memory bandwith is beating kt133@133fsb.

overall i really like doing not to much slower at folding compared to my main rig.
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