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Talking 1.26ghz 512k p3s @ 1.6

This was my old computer, But now that it has only a videocard, network card, and a hard drive there is nothing holding me back from the oc but the ram
This is on a gigabyte GA-6OXET-c which has 1/5 and 1/6 pci dividers. I just got this up and folding yesterday and today I took a shot at seeing how far I can push it.
Right now skys the limit. Its voltmodded @ 1.6v and its completley stable right now.
My pci is happily running @ 33mhz
I have kingston tiny-BGA pc133 which doesnt seem to have any kind of limit. as it does 166mhz @ 2-3-2.
Im going to try for 1.7ghz after a little burn-in with F@H
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