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Overclocking help

Hi ,

Ive just unlocked my XP 2200+ and would appreciate any help that you can give to hit 2ghz.

System Spec
xp2200+ (unlocked)
Epox 8K52A+ (bios 5A2P2b01)
2x 512MB corsair XMS PC2700 memory
Leadtek G4 ti4600 TD Ultra
Creative labs 12x DVD
Liteon CDR 48x12x48
80gb Maxtor 72000rpm
40gb Maxtor 72000rpm
onboard sound
network card
slk800 hs and fan
Temps are: cpu 36(c) syt temp 26(c)

Ive not overclocked before and don't quite grasp the upping of voltage to make it stable.
I can boot at FSB 166x11.5 without altering anything else but it sometimes crashes out of games (NOLF 2)
I look forward to seeing some settings for me to try

Many thanks
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