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New Sandra vs Old

Has anyone tried out the version of Sandra? I am slightly puzzled. I will explain...

Usually when I try a new OC or install a new processor I run the standard benchmark software(SiSoft Sandra, PCMark, 3DMark). This time I decided to try the new Sandra against the scores from the old Sandra(everything in my rig stayed the same). Here is how I test:

1. Turn off everything but MBM5(like to keep an eye on my temps)
2. Run Disk Cleanup
3. Run Disk Defragment(helps with File Benchmark)
4. Run WPCUIP and take a snapshot(I use SPX Instant Screen Capture)
5. Run Sandra benchmarks in order(CPU Arithmetic, CPU Multi-Media, File System, and Memory Bandwidth)and take a snapshot.

My scores were almost identical(nice to see Sandra has expanded it's comparison lists).

HOWEVER, my CPU Arithmetic was much higher. On the old Sandra I got 4836 MIPS/2394 MFLOPS with the new Sandra I got 6558 MIPS/2638 MFLOPS.

Anybody try and run a similar comparison? Have I gained points just for running my system? Or have elves been sneaking into my room at night and tweaking my system(is there such a thing as overclocking elves)?
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