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Originally posted by Holst
I dont think a bios update is going to fix a PSU problem.
Uh... I don't think the 10 or so people who have asked about low Vcore when setting to 1.95v or 2.00v all have bad power supplies.

I've tried my 8K9A2+ with four different power supplies and three different processors and the board does not function properly at those settings.

Why don't you try it for yourself? The thread I started 2 to 2-1/2 weeks ago never was even recognized by an ET and I asked for help about as nicely as someone can ask.

(this thread: 8K9A2+ 2.0v Vcore setting not working? )

Other than the low Vcore, the board kicks some major butt so I don't see why you wouldn't be interested in helping solve one of it's only flaws...
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