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Did I kill it?

I have been trying to find the 9-10.5 multipliers on my 1600xp.

After a successful unlock I ran the 200x9 for a day or two, then noticed my system wasn't quite as quick as usual, after checking it out WCPUID showed I was running at 7.0 default. I attempted the process several times to no avail. I'm not able to use 9-10.5 mults.
Sometimes after procedure when I check mults it shows "WCPUID" 7-8.5 as 7-8.5 and 9-10.5 as 7.0, 11=11,11.5=11.5, etc.

When I clean everything off "lock" I get the 10.5 back. Am I missing something or should I pay closer attention to a particular bridge on the L1 procedure?

Thanks Gryphyn
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