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ultra wide scsi controller + drive = still expensive

btw, the rocket drive looks something like this:
the supermarket of ideas, like any supermarket, is fit only for looting

CPU: Athlon (AHYJA 9)Tbird 1.33@1.47(9.5x154) cooled by Volcano7+
MOBO: Epox 8kha+ (8khi2B06)
MEM: Kingmax DDR 333 512mb DDR @ Turbo Settings/Aggressive Timings
VIDEO: Gainward Gf4 ti4200 64mb
SOUNDS: SB live! value w/ Creative FPS 1500 speakers
STORAGE: 20gig Maxtor d740x, 15 gig Western Digital hd, Creative digital iR 52x cdrom, Liteon CDRW 40/12/48
OS: Win2kpro SP2
CASE: Modded Enlight 7237, Green Cold Cathode, Fanbus, 6 Fans<<Mettalic Blue, Yellow Interior, Black drives
POWER: HEC 475watts

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