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Ok, did some checking around and sort of answered my own question. I see other users with higher voltages and no problems. I see a few folks even have voltages like +3.6 on the +3.3, and +5.40 on the +5.00! Scary, ain't it!

Would more voltage be benefitial, or do you think these voltages are good enough? Can you give us some maximum/minimum voltage figures to live by for each rail? What type of voltages are these motherboards actually engineered to live with?

And is my thinking that more volts gives me more power correct, or is this flawed logic? It has always been my understanding the the size of the MOSFETs and the number of MOSFETs, sets a PSUs maximum amperage in stone, and that increasing the voltage increases the power(AKA watts). Am I thinking correctly, or do I need to lay off the crack and go back to school?
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