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Originally posted by mookydooky

As of now, I believe there are 5 available sound systems available as onboard audio for motherboards. AC97 (explained already above), ALC650, C-Media 8738, nForce APU, and the new nForce2 Soundstorm. I guess there might be others, but I only have boards with these on them. I don't really know how they compare to soundcards although I hear the C-Media and nForce tends to be at least the equivalents of Live!5.1.
The ALC650 is just an AC97 CODEC, so it fits firmly in the AC97 category. Most of the nForce and nForce2 configs also fit firmly in the AC97 category too. They're just the Digital Controller side of the AC97 link!

I'll work out how to put stuff in there - This sound FAQ started because I was tired of people slagging off AC97 without realising that it's just a bus, not a sound implementation!

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