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USB 2.0 Driver for WinXP

Hi everyone,

Just the other day I upgraded from an ECS K7s5a to an Epox 8k9a2+.... so far everything's gone very smoothly... however I have hit a bit of a stump with the usb 2.0 drivers for winxp.. i'll try to explain as briefly as I can..

On the Driver cd the mobo comes with.. there are usb 2.0 drivers available for win98, but for win2k/winxp .. there are none, instead of drivers.. it is a html guide explaining how to use ms's windows update service.. and install the usb 2.0 drivers from there..

1 problem.. after letting windows update decide what drivers need to be updated in my system.. only my via network device is showing.. seems the usb 2.0 function of my mobo cant be detected..

any ideas? .. am i able to download the actual usb 2.0 winxp drivers on their own anywhere as opposed to relying on windows update?
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