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I don't think it's fare to isolate the first of two consecutive posts, but I see your point Conrad. I probably wouldn't have said anything at all if you and Phiber had posted before I posted my second post. My main reason for posting my little rant was that this is a problem I have seen through-out this topic, wasn't really trying to pick anyone out, but after re-reading my post It kind of sounds like I was. I apologize if anyone took offence.

I heard from EPoX Tech the other day via E-mail, and he expressed similar concerns to me about hobbyists responding to questions that were directed toward a professional. It's only natural for people to want to help, he recognized this, but I could tell it frustrated him a little. And now being on the other side of things, seeking a response exclusively from a professional, I can say that this side of the fence is quite frustrating as well.

I think that as you pointed out, it wouldn't hurt for those asking questions to more clearly outline who they wish to respond. I think I might take this approach myself in the future.
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