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Iwill KK266 Plus R (wont run above 127FSB)

just finished seting up this new mobo, replaceing my old a-bit KT7A with this new i-will, in the hope of some slightly enhanced speed, and improved stability... BUT:
<and this is a big one>
where the kt7a would run upto 145FSB will all the same components, this new i-will (bought online - clearance) will lose 256MB of ram (regardless of which sticks are in where) at above 115 and the other 256MB at 128FSB (wont post)....

the ram itself will do 170 in asynch mode...
the cpu will atleast post at 1333...
have tried with all multiplyers, and still wont post above 127FSB.
more importantly, this isnt just a bus out of spec problem, as setting to 133 (with correct deviders) will also, stop it posting.

Have tested the ram cpu/etcetc seperately, and have tried some differnt ram, and a different cpu (XP1600 does 1.75+@stock).

and one know a good reason for this board to refuse to go above 127, (or 115 with all ram)... or should i arrange to return it tomorow?
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