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Originally posted by cloasters
Thanks, Daniel ~! My younger brother has a TNT2 Vanta, with a whopping 8 Mb of memory. A GF 256 is mighty old hat nowadays, but it'll beat the crud out of the Vanta!
I sent my Hercules TNT2 Ultra (32Mb) down to my father in a swap between my father and my brother. It was one of the last cards that the original Hercules made before going under. It's still going strong 4 years later. Oddly enough, my father is happy, as most of his games are all 2D in nature. The TNT2 Ultra is faster in these 2D games than the Geforce 2 GTS is!

All in all, everyone is still happy. My bro does pretty well with a GF2 GTS, and is waiting until he gets some games that really don't run well with just a GF2 GTS before upgrading.

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