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8RDA+, which PCI slots the IDE, built-in LAN and built-in audio are sharing IRQ with?

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and EPoX as well. I have been watching this forum by weeks since the 8RDA aroused my interest recently.

After seeing all the encouraging stories in the thread "8RDA Posting With Good Results", I just picked up my own 8RDA+ today. Unfortunately [or fortunately I should say] I didn't have time to swap it into my computer case tonight so I have a day or so to research for requiring configuration details. Okay, enough for the background and my question really is about how each of my PCI devices should be placed into different slots in order to avoid potential IRQ conflicts. I can see an interrupt table listed in the manual but the ones for IDE, built-in LAN and built-in audio aren't there. So, does anyone know about which PCI slot(s) these ones are sharing IRQ with?

The AGP/PCI cards will put together with the mobo are as follows,

- Radeon 8500
- SB Audigy
- Practical 56K internal modem
- Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 (this system is an Internet gateway for my home network)

Any suggestion on how these cards should be arranged?

Also, how is the sound quality of the built-in audio comparing to Audigy? (heard some said it is better than SB Live !!! a bid of surprise to me)

The thread on "8dra Posting With Good Results" is good but not too many people mentioned their hardware configuration details which could have become some good references for the others.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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