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Red face My thoughts on 8rda+

I bought one Friday. Cranked my Tbred1700+ up to 195MHz FSB, RAM Sync. When I went to 196, the board crapped out. I had to go all the way back to 133MHz sync and make my way up in 5MHz steps to 195MHz again. Making larger steps, like 10MHz, made the board crap again.

The Northbridge gets damn hot, over 60°C @195MHz. Even when I cooled down my room to 10°C, the NB wasat about 45°C, which, in my eyes, is WAY too high. Epox should have put a small fan on the NB, instead of equpping other mainboards with a blue LED (which is totally senseless ) When i put a 8cm fan up to cool the NB, the temperature dropped from 45°C to 13°C!!!!So this helps a lot!!!

The BetaBIOS 8rda2b26, which can be downloaded at AOA is worthless. My 8RDA+ refused to flash the BIOS.

The power department of my mobo (left of socket) smells like ****
:devil: I can smell it at a distance of over 1 metre!!! WTF??? I really fear that that the capacitators blow, so I used the fan, that cools the NB to cool the MosFets and the capacitators too.

It seems as if this mobo is an early shot by Epox,trying not to fall behindin the release to other manufacturers.

BTW: Where the hell can I get the Optical in/out module?

Nonetheless my Tbred1700+ runs like the wind:
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