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Angry 8RDA+ and Samsung RAM

I bought this Mainboard a few days ago.Im generaly satisfied but it seems to have a problem.It doesnt like Samsung RAMs.I have 2 sticks of original CB3 Samsungs and the only FSB they reach is 166 Mhz.No step further.Since i know that my RAM-modules can go easily 180 (on my former 8K3A and on ASUS A7N8X ,that i had for a few days but gived it away for buying the 8RDA !) and im not the only person with such "problems" ,i wondering what i should do
Maybe you ET can give a answer or a hint : Should i buy a other RAM or should i wait for a BIOS update from your side?
I hope you will answer.This is my 4th EPoX Board in a row!
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