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Stinger: your bios is so scruwed that it cannot manage the basic bootblock flash ..this was also the case with my bios.. exept mine didn´t even try to acces the floppy drive. Just the FF-code nuthin´ else.

You have to program you chip wit eprom-device or hotflash it wit another board. I was lucky to find a guy wit same board from the same city ..he was so great to allow me to do the hot flash.

First i very carefully removed the "good" chip ..then i put it back to the "mouth" of the slot and applied little pressure to it wit my thump. Then we booted to Windoze... changed the "bad" chip to the slot(not all the way again) ..and flashed it wit Winflasher.

I´m not sure but you might have to choose "flash all" from the options.. so if the bootblock is also hosed it will be overwritten too.

So my board works now just fine.. allthough i´ll have to be very careful when OC´ing it.
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